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Add Delight in Your Life with Scrumptious Eatables

Tastes and delights make life much lively and scrumptious. No matter how gourmet you are, you can end up with so much of scrumptiousness once you walk through these dishes. You must smell through the following dishes for your next meal time!

Scrumptious Eatables

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is an eatable having different legends as to how it earned its name. A usual tale says the eatable was the 65th dish on menu, and as this dish turned out to be popular, it just earned the name.Whatever it is, this scrumptious fried chicken blended with spicy flavouring deserves a place on this huge list for popular South Indian eatables to try. After just single try, you are not going to be able to forget this dish.

Kara Kulambu

This dish is no less than dynamite. The cook prepares a masala paste along with spices and masala paste adds so much of flavour and richness to curry. Drumsticks are the conventional choice of veggie for this dish. The spices have always been changed as per the taste of the preparer but the dish is always overwhelming.ThisSouth Indian dish, Kara Kulambu, is extremely popular regionally but otherwise too, it has been relished in different corners of the country.


It is a specially cooked rice dish with diverse layers that are blend together with diverse seasonings, meats or vegetables. This dish can be catered with vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb or even with seafood. Raita that is a kind of yogurt dressing is frequently given to pair with this biryani. Of course, there is always variety available in these biryani dishes.There are more than forty versions of biryani in South India. So, you must check out these different types of Biryanis for sure.


Talking about Idli, it is a tiny, white, spongy piece of cake prepared of rice and lentils.  It is mostly served with chutney, sambarand ghee. It is another famous breakfast item in India. People eat this dish both as breakfast and snacks. Be it youngsters or old people; everyone loves Idlis because of their charm, scrumptiousness and softness.

Vada and Sambar

Talking about Vada, it is a lentil made, fritter dish that appears like a tiny brown donut.  Sambar is a scrumptious soup that is prepared of tamarind and a huge variety of spices and vegetables. The general way of eating is placing the vada in sambar, allowing it to soak up the broth.  Some people even love to dip these vadas in chutney. These can be both chilli and chilli-less.


Uttapam is a kind of flatten pancake prepared with rice and lentils batter and blended with vegetables. It is much similar to dosa but it is generally thicker and tinier than dosa. Uttapam can also be served with tasty sambar or chutney. You must not skip this scrumptious dish if you are in South India. Another exciting thing about this dish is that you can make it as rich as you want. You can add different spices and ingredients as per your taste and preference.

Thus, if you are truly a foodie, you need to taste these dishes. These were just some of the South Indian dishes, once you have explored the entire menu; you are going to be filled with scrumptiousness and delight.


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