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Here's How Fast The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Really Is

Here's How Fast The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Really Is

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has turn out to be nearly a chunk of a meme withinside the automobile enthusiast community. It`s big, loud, heavy, and has manner extra horsepower than it has any proper having. In the identical manner that the 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona turned into immoderate with its big rear spoiler and goofy fiberglass nosecone, the Challenger Hellcat is immoderate for the 707 horsepower it placed out while it turned into first launched for the 2015 version year. 

At the time, it turned into the maximum effective engine Chrysler had ever produced. Now, it has simplest been handed via way of means of different variations of the Hellcat, culminating withinside the 797-horsepower 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody. When the overall call of a automobile competitors the period of a sentence, the producer is serious.

The Hellcats and all of its comparable brethren obtain properly north of seven hundred horsepower thru the identical time-venerated tradition: Taking a big V8 — in this situation a 6.2-liter — and throwing a supercharger on it that itself sports activities a larger displacement than a few whole engines. The end result is a really speedy manufacturing automobile with extra horsepower than a Lamborghini Aventador. How speedy is the Hellcat? 

Drives like hell

When it involves American muscle motors, different motors are almost desk bound in comparison to the Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. According to Dodge, the Challenger tops out at 203 miles consistent with hour — quicker than different supercharged muscle motors just like the Chevy Camaro ZL1. Breaking two hundred miles consistent with hour takes the Hellcat out of mall automobile parking spae drag race territory and places it firmly in the realm of supercars.

For American manufacturers, the Hellcat is simplest bested via way of means of the Ford GT. The GT looks as if a bona-fide supercar immediately from Gran Turismo, and the Hellcat looks as if it turned into rendered on a Playstation 2 in comparison. It's really well worth noting the Challenger also can seat as much as 5 people.

For acceleration, the Widebody version takes a lower back seat to the 807 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock, that may release itself from 0-60 miles consistent with hour in 3.25 seconds, and entire the zone mile in 10.five seconds, very well wiping the ground with any predecessor muscle automobile from the Nineteen Sixties and 1970s.

The Hellcats' fundamental rival, the supercharged 2022 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, can flow itself to dual carriageway pace in a relatively torpid 3.four seconds (through Car and Driver). However, each supercharged howling dinosaurs quick collapse while drag racing EVs just like the Lucid Air Sapphire, that may kick it into warp pace and boost up to 60 miles consistent with hour in 2.1 seconds. Still, for a fueloline automobile, the Hellcat motors are a number of the quickest muscle around.

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