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How Big Is The 2023 Toyota Sequoia?

How Big Is The 2023 Toyota Sequoia?

Make no mistake, no 3-row SUV goes to be small. Unlike the TARDIS in "Doctor Who," the legal guidelines of physics can`t be upended: in case you need usable seats throughout all rows, then there may be going to be a few compromise in outside dimensions. That said, a few SUVs are higher there than others.

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia sticks out withinside the SUV class for some of reasons. Completely new for the 2023 version year, it ditches the vintage version's thirsty V8 in prefer of a gas-electric powered hybrid drivetrain, at the same time as the dashboard receives a complete improve with a welcome advent of latest tech.

In the parking lot, meanwhile, it measures 208.1 inches long, and 79.eight inches extensive. That sounds a lot — and, at extra than 17 toes in period, it is — however withinside the grand scheme of the class, it is honestly one of the smaller 3-row SUVs. Here's the way it compares.

Three-row SUVs are normally big

The sizable SUV phase has a few critical whales, and in case you're worried approximately squeezing right into a parking area then it can pay to understand the measurements as you are placing collectively a buying list. Of the principle competitors, Nissan's 2023 Armada honestly comes near the Sequoia in period: refreshed for the 2021 version year, it is much less than an inch longer than the Toyota, at 208.nine inches, and a 10th of an inch wider.

They're the exception, aleven though, now no longer the norm. Over at Ford, the 2023 Expedition measures 210 inches in period and 79.nine inches extensive in its preferred shape. The 2023 Expedition MAX — which stretches even longer for extra cabin area — is 221.nine inches long.

It's a comparable tale at Chevrolet's showroom. The 2023 Tahoe is 210.7 inches in period and eighty one inches extensive, so very barely larger than the Expedition. The 2023 Suburban, meanwhile, stretches to 225 inches in period: extra than a foot longer than the Sequoia.

The actual SUV behemoths make the Toyota appearance small

They're huge numbers, however they are now no longer even the largest withinside the phase. Stroll right into a Jeep dealership, and the 2023 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer have a fair beefier footprint. Both the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer measure 214.7 inches in period and are 83.6 inches extensive.

The Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L — Jeep's stretched variations of the SUV — are even larger than the Suburban. They're 226.7 inches, making them approximately a foot and a 1/2 of longer than the Toyota. You see a number of the advantages of that in case you're withinside the 1/3 row, mind, which has 3 inches extra legroom than the Sequoia offers.

Then there may be Cadillac's Escalade, hardly ever a coy SUV. While Caddy can also additionally have toned down the outdoors styling for the modern-day technology of Escalade, it is nevertheless a hefty automobile. In preferred shape, the 2023 Escalade measures 211.nine inches in period, and eighty one.1 inches extensive, however withinside the 2023 Escalade ESV shape it is a whopping 227 inches long.

Turning radius arguably makes a larger distinction

While the period and width of a automobile have a huge effect on such things as parking or squeezing down slim city streets, there may be some other aspect to consider. The turning radius, or the turning circle, of an SUV — how an awful lot area it calls for to make a semi-round U-flip — is arguably simply as important.

The tightness of the turning radius makes itself recognised while you are cranking the guidance wheel to move your automobile. Think approximately attempting to show in the street and head returned withinside the contrary course: a smaller turning radius ought to imply the distinction among making it in a single sweep, or having to shift among power and opposite to keep away from going off the brink of the asphalt. Interestingly, basic SUV length would not always correlate with turning radius. The 2023 Sequoia wishes 20.1 toes — aleven though the TRD Pro trim is an outlier, extending that to 22.three toes — at the same time as the Armada needs 20.sixty five toes. However, a number of the bigger motors can honestly flip extra sharply.

Jeep's Wagoneer, for example, calls for 19 toes, at the same time as the longer Wagoneer L calls for 21.1 toes. The Escalade is some other surprisingly nimble behemoth, desiring 19.eighty five toes in preferred shape, or 21.sixty five toes for the Escalade ESV. That's similar to the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban — which use the identical underlying platform because the Caddy — at the same time as the Ford Expedition needs 20.five toes and the Expedition MAX wishes 21.sixty five toes.

The restore to huge, unwieldy SUVs is out there

A way to overly big turning circles is out there — it simply calls for a few acquainted tech from luxurious motors to make it down into extra mainstream models. Rear-axle guidance sees the returned wheels pivot simply because the the front wheels do while the guidance wheel is turned, aleven though the course wherein that takes place relies upon on how the automobile is being driven. At excessive speeds, the the front and rear axles are synchronized, turning withinside the identical course (albeit normally at specific stages, with the rear axles normally topping out at 10 stages at most). That permits the automobile to make lane modifications with extra stability.

At decrease speeds, aleven though, the rear axles pivot withinside the contrary course. That efficiently shortens the wheelbase of the automobile, lowering the gap required to show it. We've visible that pay dividends for huge luxurious sedans, just like the Mercedes S-Class, and it is also more and more more being blanketed in luxurious SUVs just like the Bentley Bentayga EWB. While it is by no means going to cause them to sense as maneuverable as a Smart car, it could depart a huge sedan feeling as nimble as a automobile from the dimensions magnificence below.

Rear-wheel guidance is not not unusualplace on 3-row SUVs yet, however that appears simplest like a be counted of time. As the urge for food for big motors capacious for each passengers and load keeps to grow, the want to make such behemoths extra driver-pleasant will simplest boom too.

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